Set Sail for Adventure: Your Quick Guide to Renting a Boat in Cyprus and Epic Destinations!

by | Aug 14, 2023

Picture yourself beneath the brilliant blue sky of the Mediterranean, where Cyprus unfolds as a paradise for adventure seekers. In this article, we will explore four incredible spots in Cyprus where you can rent a boat. Get ready to dive into clear waters, find hidden spots along the coast, and discover the rich history and culture that make each place special. Let’s set sail and uncover the magic of Cyprus’s coastal beauty, one boat rental destination at a time!


Cornelia Yacht Cruiser

Discover the Cranchi 39 Endurance: A Blend of Luxury and Festivity on the Waves. This 12-meter superpower boat offers an ideal setting for a range of occasions, from serene relaxation to lively celebrations. Whether you’re planning a couples’ retreat, capturing wedding memories, or marking a special birthday, the Cranchi 39 caters to diverse experiences, including bachelor and bachelorette parties.


Scenic Journey: Cruise the transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea and witness stunning sights like Cape Greko and the ghost city of Famagusta.

Coastline Exploration: Enjoy the picturesque coastline of Protaras as your captain guides the way.

Blue Lagoon Stop: Take a dip in the pristine waters of the Blue Lagoon station along the Protaras coastline.

Complimentary Refreshments: Indulge with 2 champagnes, a fruit platter, snack platter, soft drinks, tea, and coffee—all on the house.

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Kape Greco, Ayia napa


Latchi Watersports Centre

With this boat rental from the Latchi Watersports Centre, you may drive your own speedboat throughout Paphos and the Akamas National Park. You may add some water skis or an inflatable dinghy to your adventure. Head for some of the park’s secret islets and coves to anchor up and explore on your own, with the help of the watersports center staff. This self-guided tour is ideal for independent travelers who have a valid driver’s license.

Where to go?

St Georges Island: Around 800 meters off St George’s Reef, this barren volcanic outcrop hosts seabirds above and a diverse marine life below, including tuna, groupers, trumpet fish, and octopus.

The Blue Lagoon: Cyprus’s most popular bay boasts white sandy depths and crystal-clear blue waters, along with Chamili islet’s vibrant marine life, perfect for snorkeling—a must-visit destination.

Arnaoutis Beach: A secluded golden sandy beach on Cyprus’s westernmost point, ideal for picnics and relaxation. Nearby, the 8-kilometer offshore reef marks a turning point for coastal journeys from Latchi port.

And more!

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Latchi Watersports Centre
Latchi Watersports Centre, speed boat hire. 15th of Aug, 2023 


Lydia Yachts Luxury Private Cruises

For a more luxurious trip, Sail around Limassol on this private, luxury Catamaran Yacht cruise. Choose from a daytime, sunset, or full-day cruise to spend the day lounging on the deck of your private yacht!

Dock near sandy beaches and sea caves for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing; also explore renowned beach bars and restaurants!

Select from a variety of packages and alternatives (cruise length and hours, locations, catering and alcoholic beverages, decoration and extra services) and take pleasure in planning your own private cruise with your loved ones.

Where to go?

Option A: Coastal Gems Tour

Begin at Akrotiri (Cape Gata) for a swim in crystal-clear waters surrounded by sea caves and coves.

Move to the renowned Lady’s Mile Beach for a beachside anchor. Enjoy onboard dining with beach bar food and watersport activities.

Relax on the catamaran yacht, taking in Limassol’s scenic beauty before returning to the Marina.

Option B: Seaside Delights Tour

Sail towards St. Raphael Beach via Limassol bay for an alternate city view from the sea.

Experience multiple stops near beachside restaurants and watersport spots.

Disembark at Limassol Marina for a fulfilling voyage.

Customizable itineraries available upon request, subject to weather conditions. Additional destinations include Pissouri, Larnaca – Ayia Napa – Protaras, and Paphos – Akamas – Blue Lagoon – Latchi, requiring overnight or multiple-day trips.

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Panormitis Sailing Yacht Private Sunset Cruise

Set foot on this remarkable vessel, where you’ll steer under the watchful eye of the skilled onboard skipper. Navigate the expansive Mediterranean, embracing the thrill of leading the way.

As day turns to night, savor a romantic sunset cruise, a quintessential Mediterranean delight. Watch the sun dip, painting the water gold and creating an atmosphere of serene enchantment and lasting memories.


Sail comfortably from Larnaca at 18:30

Experience the enchantment of a romantic Mediterranean sunset.

Drop anchor off the coast, enjoy chilled champagne, and take a refreshing ocean dip.

Indulge in a Cyprus-style fruit platter with complimentary wine, beer, and soft drinks.

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