Overlooked Marketing Strategies that do Work

Overlooked Marketing Strategies that Work

“Hey, you! Yes, you!”

Now that we have your attention (thank you), we will proceed to discuss some highly effective marketing strategies that are often overlooked by brands desperate to make an impact in a crowded advertising arena.

The first prize, of course, is advertising that immediately catches consumers’ eyes and remains imprinted in their subconscious for a long time.

This elusive grand prize is attained mostly through guerrilla marketing but, as we shall see below, also through more subtle marketing strategies. Let us take a closer look at various advertising ploys:

1. Guerrilla Marketing

Rather than launching a widespread media campaign, some brands use surprise interactions with the public to promote their products or services. These low-cost campaigns involve high energy and vivid imagination that memorably grab public attention.

Some examples of guerrilla marketing:

1. A Copenhagen Zoo advert showing a larger-than-life python crushing a life-sized bus.

2. A Colgate billboard ad featuring a girl eating ice cream. As she finishes the treat, she finds that the ice cream stick is shaped like a toothbrush and bears the words: “Don’t Forget Colgate’.

3. A public bench painted to look like a half-wrapped KitKat, with the slats resembling chocolate bars.

Although these campaigns are launched in publicly dense places, the advertisers rely on social media users to spread their unusual images far and wide.

2. Work with Influencers and Micro-influencers

Cyprus has a wealth of influencers on Instagram, with the leading ones boasting between 500,000 and 2.9 million followers.

According to a 2020 report, 89 percent of businesses surveyed said that the return on investment from influencer marketing is better than or as good as other marketing channels.

However, working with influencers who command millions of followers can be expensive and probably beyond the budget of most small businesses.

Instead, consider working with micro-influencers who, although their audience reach may be small, are likely to have a more personal and intimate engagement with their followers.

3. Research the Optimum Keywords for Your Business

Internet search engines generate most, if not all, traffic to your website. The amount of traffic you get depends on how highly it is ranked. The only way to improve your ranking is through keyword research. The better your content matches a search query, the better your chances of attracting traffic.

If you are uncertain about how to make the best use of Search Engine Optimization, it may be worth subscribing to one of the many speedy SEO study courses available online.

4. Give SMS/WhatsApp Marketing a Try

Did you know that 98 percent of SMS messages are opened, and the response rate is 45 percent? Compare this to email marketing—only 20 percent of emails are ever opened, and the response rate is 5-10 percent.
For WhatsApp, the open rates are 99 percent and the response rate is just over 40 percent.

Although WhatsApp is overtaking SMS as a preferred marketing tool, both platforms have advantages and disadvantages:

  • WhatsApp is free but relies on the Internet to be effective. SMS delivery can be costly but because it makes use of ubiquitous carriers and cellular networks, is more widely available.
  • WhatsApp operates only on smartphones whereas users can send and receive SMS messages on any electronic communications device.
  • WhatsApp allows the transmission of media files such as photos and videos whereas SMS is solely text-based and has a 160-character text limit without concatenation (or around 900 characters with concatenation).

Both platforms offer quick and easy access to potential customers—provided you have their phone numbers.

5. Plug into Quora and LinkedIn

These two platforms are designed to connect businesses and facilitate the sharing of information between professionals.

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users go for information. It is useful for building company awareness by answering questions. With more than 300 million users visiting the site every month, good opportunities exist to drive traffic to your site.

LinkedIn offers a free social platform that encourages professionals to network with each other. Its paid premium platform allows businesses to generate leads and market their companies. With 830 million users, it is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs.

Other Marketing Ploys

Other underrated marketing strategies abound. Without going into detail, these include:

  • Joining online forums
  • Creating videos
  • Using social media in all its forms
  • Utilizing infographics
  • Creating quizzes
  • Writing blogs
  • Holding webinars

Reach Your Audience Whichever Way You Can

Not every company has the resources to engage in guerrilla marketing but many of the ideas discussed here are inexpensive and require only a creative mind and the ability to do intensive research.

If one method yields limited results, try another. There is an ever-increasing consumer population out there. Your challenge is to reach them in the best and most cost-effective way you can.

By The Editors of Headliner Cyprus


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