November Events in Cyprus

by | Nov 4, 2023

November 2023 Events Calendar for Cyprus

They say November is a quieter month in Cyprus (marking the end of the tourist season). But the November 2023 event calendar says otherwise. 

The month starts ringing Christmas bells with many Christmas markets opened nationwide, inviting people to feel the magic so early. Then, there are many dance and film festivals organized throughout the month. And, as the weather turns cooler, it’s a great time to enjoy open-air cinema. 

Choose to go hiking, visit a book fair, watch the ballet, or do as many activities as you can for November in Cyprus events calendar for 2023:

Christmas Autumn Market Kivides

Location: Pano Kivides, Limassol
Date: November 5

Come and shop in the calm and refreshing atmosphere of the beautiful Pano Kivides village. Starting at 11:00 – 17:00, the Christmas Market Kivides will set up with over 70 wonderful stalls for you and your family to have fun for three hours. The stalls will sell art and crafts, various types of foods, and many other things. 

Also, especially for the children, there will be a “Flying Air Balloon Doom,” face painting, and many other engaging activities from 14:00-17:00. So, come and have a good time with your loved ones in the heart of Kivides. 

For more information, go to the event page.

Cyprus Dance Film Festival – Cult Experiences

Location: Rialto Theater, Limassol
Date: November 5

Experience the enchanting synergy of dance and cinema at Cyprus Dance Film Festival. The inaugural event will take you on a captivating cinematic journey with a diverse selection of local and international dance films brought to life on the big screen.

Expect to have loads of fun during the highly anticipated Awards Ceremony, where live dance shows will be performed, and the best filmmakers will be recognised for their outstanding work. 

For more information, visit the event page.

Zivania Festival

Location: Alona Village, Nicosia
Date: November 5

The Zivania Festival is the annual celebration of Cyprus’s traditional spirit, Zivania. The traditional event takes place in three picturesque villages – Alona, Pelendri, and Pedoulas, farmed for Zivania making.

During the lively celebration, locals and visitors gather to enjoy Zivania tasting, dancing, music, and traditional Cypriot cuisine. So, be ready to savour the essence of the upcoming Zivania Festival.

For more information, visit the event page.

Art Workshop: Mother and Child

Location: ARTiS art platform by Katerina Stavrou, Larnaca
Date: November 5

Intuitive painting is an art therapy that can turn into a beautiful experience and bring out our inner child. With this belief, the Art Workshop brings together moms and children with their colours and unique personalities. The event is more focused on helping you paint your intuition rather than differentiating good or bad painters.

For more information, visit the event page.

International Funds Summit & Expo 2023

Location: Hilton Nicosia, Egkomi
Date: November 6-8

The International Funds Summit & Expo is one of the most important events in the European calendar of funds professionals. The hybrid event invites top fund managers and fund administrators from all corners of the world to discuss the evolving and increasingly competitive sector of global asset management.

For more information, visit the event page

Enigma Music Concert

Location: Monte Caputo, Limassol
Date: November 7

The legendary Enigma, with 70 million sold records, is coming to the island for the first time ever. With a string orchestra and live band, the forthcoming 2-hour show will feature many popular ENIGMA songs with a mix of classical and modern signature elements.

For more information, visit the event page

The 1st Coaching & Mentoring Conference in Cyprus

Location: Royal Hall, Nicosia
Date: November 9

Organised by EMCC Cyprus, the “1st Coaching and Mentoring Conference in Cyprus” aims to spread awareness about the transformative power of coaching and mentoring in the growth of organisations in Cyprus.

In addition, the conference seeks to serve as a forum for professionals to share innovative ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge research in mentoring and coaching. Plus, you will get lots of networking opportunities and cultivate valuable collaborations within the business realm.

For more information, visit the event page.

Open Air Cinema Nights

Location: Kleidi Cafe Bar, Larnaca
Date: November 9

Watch a thought-provoking independent short film in the open air at the beautiful garden of Kleidi Cafe Bar in Larnaca. Watch “Where do we go from here?” tells the stories about the evolution of humankind despite destructive nature.

For more information, visit the event page.

3rd Reporter Street Food Festival

Location: Kratiki Ekthesi, Egkomi
Date: November 10

Come to the 3rd Reporter Street Food Festival to enjoy a special buffet that brings you authentic food and Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while enjoying heart-touching music in the background.

For more information, visit the event page.

Mediating Between Two Cultures

Location: ARTos Cultural and Research House, Nicosia
Date: November 16

Organised by the Goethe-Institut Zypern, the event has invited translator Theo Votsos to give insights into his work as a language mediator between Greek- and German-language literature.

The award-winning Cypriot author Constantia Soteriou will talk with Votsos about his favourite projects and the collaboration between authors and translators. So, the event provides a great opportunity to take a look at the works of literary translator Theo Votsos.

For more information, visit the event page

“Being an Entrepreneur” Workshop! 

Location: Cooperation House, Nicosia
Date: November 18

Great opportunity for the next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs. Funded by the European Union, the “Being an Entrepreneur” workshop invites ambitious teenagers aged 14-17 to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. The workshop will equip prospective entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to develop their business approach. 

Attendees will get insights into the world of entrepreneurship and develop critical thinking and business acumen at an early age. They will also learn the basics of business ideation, planning and problem-solving, guided by experienced mentors. Limited seats are available. So, register now. 

For more information, visit the event page

From Asia Minor to Cyprus: Art & Exhibition

Location: Leventiou Gallery, Nicosia
Date: November 18

The Leventios Gallery co-organizes and hosts part of the commemorative anniversary exhibition Mikrá Asia: Light – Destruction – Uprooting – Creation in Cyprus. The exhibition shows the culture and evolution of the Hellenism of Asia Minor with the help of 500+ exhibits and photographs brought to life. The exhibition is filled with artifacts and testimonies from refugees who settled in Cyprus.

The evolution timeline is explained through photographs and rare church artifacts, handicrafts, maps, clothing, jewelry, archival and film material, letters, and many other items. It’s going to be a highly interesting event, especially for history lovers.

For more information, visit the event page.

X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X I The MET: Live in HD

Location: Rialto Theater, Limassol
Date: November 18

Premiered in 1986, Anthony Davis’s groundbreaking opera is making a comeback at cinemas. Rialto Theater will provide a new staging that imagines Malcolm as an Everyman whose story transcends time and space. An exceptional cast involving breakout artists and young Met stars will enliven the operatic retelling of Malcolm’s life. 

Baritone Will Liverman sings Malcolm X in the show. Kazem Abdullah conducts the newly revised and more layered, jazz-inflected score for the esteemed writer Thulani Davis’s libretto. 

For more information, visit the event page.

Etko Weekend Festival

Location: Etko, Limassol
Date: November 18

Attend the Etko weekend festival in Cyprus! Explore craft beer, street food, live music, outdoor cinema, vintage market, yoga, and more. Buy your tickets now for a diverse adventure-filled weekend!

Limassol International Book Fair

Location: Haroupomylos Lanitis, Limassol
Date: November 17-19

The Limassol Book Fair is a cultural event modelled after the leading international book fairs. The book fair focuses on all aspects of the local book industry, including publishing, printing, bookselling, marketing, editorial and other literary areas.

The annual Limassol Book Fair caters to academics, authors, booksellers, agents, marketers, translators, and other industry professionals. The event also attracts international interest from book lovers, cultural institutions, embassies, municipalities, and many more. So, it’s a great platform for book aficionados.

For more information, visit the event page.

Versus (<.Vs.) 30-year Anniversary Party

Location: DownTown Live, Nicosia
Date: November 19

Supported by Nostalgia Parties, Versus (<.Vs.) 30-year anniversary party is going to be a fun event. There will be special guests, live visual acts, timeless classic hits, and a perfect party atmosphere that will keep you engaged. 

For more information, visit the event page.

Screening of the action-comedy Office Royale film 

Location: Pantheon Theatre, Nicosia
Date: November 21

As the weather turns cooler, open-air cinema nights become popular again. The Embassy of Japan is taking such an initiative in Cyprus by bringing Japanese film screenings to Nicosia.

On November 21, Pantheon will screen the action-comedy Office Royale, which tells the story of 26-year-old Naoko Tanaka, who is fighting the norm to enter office cliques until her company is targeted by office ladies from all over Japan. 

Besides, more movies are screened across Cyprus. For more information, visit the event page.

A Sicilian Night: Wine Pairing Dinner

Location: Bar Italia, Nicosia
Date: November 22

Immerse in the magic of Sicily with “A Sicilian Night”, presented by MY Vine Merchants & The English Social Club Cyprus. The enchanting evening invites you to a delectable Sicilian wine-food pairing dinner to savour the essence of Sicilian cuisine and wines. 

The dinner menu, meticulously curated by Bar Italia, harmonises with a selection of hand-picked wines from MY Vine Merchants. So, get your taste buds ready for a Sicilian culinary journey on a cosy evening.

For more information, visit the event page.

CDC Meet & Greet Paphos

Location: Bono Bar & Restaurant, Limassol
Date: November 23

Become a part of the Cyprus Developer Community (CDC) by joining the upcoming CDC Meet & Greet Paphos event. The informal meet & green event provides an excellent platform for developer and technology groups in the country. 

Some of the leading participating member groups include Cyprus JS, Google Developer Groups, AWS User Group Cyprus, PyData Cyprus, and more. So, expect to learn and discuss with the experts in the fields of software and web development, technology, and science.

For more information, visit the event page.

Spirit Of Smokie Feat. Dean Alan Barton (Music Concert)

Location: Pattihio theatre, Limassol
Date: November 24

First time ever in Cyprus! Top Music and Julia Vertova Media bring you the heirs of the fabulous ‘Smokie’ group. Join the exclusive musical event – ‘Spirit of Smokie: Alan Barton Memorial Concert’ fronted by Dean Alan Barton. The memorial music concert is to honour Barton’s father, who was a great and honoured musician.

Dean Barton will be accompanied by guitarists Graham Kearns and Andy Whelan, drummer Mick Bedford, and Pianist Jeremy Smith. Join the concert and dance to the great beats of the original seventies ‘Smokie’ band.

For more information, visit the event page.

SecondlLife Wardrobe Gala – Winter Edition

Location: Yfantourgeio TheWorkplace, Nicosia
Date: November 24-25

Looking for a shopping event? Don’t miss the SecondLife Wardrobe Gala this winter. The shopping party will host more than 20 different fashionists and their second-hand treasures.

Shop and support sustainable fashion. What’s more, enjoy BBQ in the garden, drinks, and music with some freshly baked goodies and coffee.

For more information, visit the event page.

Hackathon HackAdTech 2023

Location: Parklane Hotel, Limassol
Date: November 25-26

Cyprus’ biggest Hackathon is where you can hack, network, learn and win prizes. The IT event is an excellent platform to become a part of the vibrant tech community of Cyprus, regardless of your skill level. 

The 2-day tech event invites you to participate in one of the two challenges, giving prizes worth up to €10,000 to the winning team in each challenge. Many more prizes are there for the best technology use or the most innovative solution. 

So, what are you waiting for? Form your team, implement your idea, and who knows, you may be the winner. 

For more information, visit the event page.


Location: Municipal Theatre, Larnaca
Date: November 28

The European Classical Ballet group consists of 50 dancers, including world classical ballet dancers, graduates of the Vaganov Ballet Academy, and graduates of the best ballet schools from Great Britain, Spain, Italy and other countries.

After a long tour in Australia and New Zealand, the ballet troupe will present two legendary and enjoyable ballets in Cyprus. Leading stars performing the ballets are Nikolay Nazarkevich, Tatyana Nazarkevich, Elizaveta Savina, and ballet star Seiyu Ogasawara (Japan). 

So, expect to have loads of fun at SWAN LAKE Ballet.

For more information, visit the event page.

Fikardou Medieval Christmas Village

Location: Fikardou village
Date: November 25

Experience 52 days full of magic at the picturesque village of Fikardou. The event, with local and foreign visitors, will run from November 25, 2023, to January 14, 2024. Come and soak yourself in Christmas vibes strolling in the narrow streets of the village, dotted with lights and wooden houses.

During the event, you will enjoy fun events, theatre performances, workshops, music, and many more surprises you cannot think of. Children and adults can engage in various activities, such as pottery, archery, treasure hunting, and ceramic decoration workshops, while enjoying nature and the local delicacies of the village. So, it’s gonna be huge fun attending the event in Fikardos.

For more information, visit the event page.



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